At Contraste Europe, our corporate profiles are at the heart of our success. Join a team where corporate strategy, finance, marketing and communications come together to support our growth and innovation. We're looking for passionate minds, ready to contribute their expertise in a dynamic, international environment. Embark on a career where your impact goes beyond numbers and strategies: it shapes the future of technology and digital!

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Why should you join us?

Joining Contraste Europe's corporate team means joining a strategic company focused on growth and innovation in the digital sector.

It's an opportunity to leverage your corporate expertise to support leading-edge technology initiatives, while enjoying an environment that values personal and professional development. Here, you can actively shape the journey of a leading company, contributing to its success, while broadening your own career horizons.



What I appreciate about Contraste is that we still have values such as respect, transparency and expertise. It's important to keep them, because they're essential if we're to work together over the long term. There's a good working atmosphere, and collaboration with management is fast and efficient. All these factors make Contraste a great place to work.



You don't just join a company, you join a team. You don't just join an idea, you join values. Indeed, it's all these elements that make the company endure and make you feel good. I feel good at Contraste, so don't hesitate to join our team.


Marketing Coordinator

What makes my job so exciting is the diversity of tasks. I'm constantly working with people from all the company's teams, each of whom has their own objectives and entrusts me with a wide variety of tasks. And what makes my daily life so enjoyable is the working atmosphere. The team is made up of passionate people, always ready to share their knowledge and ideas, and to support each other's initiatives. The atmosphere is dynamic, stimulating and full of genuine conviviality.

Our hiring process

  • HR Interview
    Tell us about your career and discover our culture

  • Technical interview with the Manager
    Technical and project discussions with our experts

  • Contract offer
    Our contract offers are designed to enhance your expertise and support your professional growth.

Contrast mindset

At Contraste Europe, our employees are the heart of our company. We share a collective energy you can feel on a daily basis, nourished by events that bring us together and strengthen our bonds. Whether it's a summer barbecue, a team luncheon, or one of our 4TM evenings, we like to celebrate, get together and laugh, and then share a themed buffet. Every personal contribution is precious, because it's together that we build our success.