Our competence centers

At Contraste Europe, excellence is not an option but a mission. From business analysis to application development, data management, cloud services and much more, discover innovation at Contraste!

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Your career development is our focus.

Our competence centers, workshops and conferences are stepping stones for strengthening and broadening your expertise. We support you in ongoing training and we support you with getting certified. Your desire to progress and take on more responsibility resonates with us, where mentoring and innovation go hand in hand with your professional development.

Our competence centers

Come and discover how we transform technology into concrete, scalable, impactful solutions.

Service management

Immerse yourself in the world of our IT service management, where we transcend traditional support to guarantee seamless service quality. Our team has unrivalled expertise in orchestrating helpdesk and support services, ensuring smooth and efficient service transitions. ITIL, COBIT or Prince2 certification is not just a badge, but a reflection of our know-how.

Business analysis

Our team of business analysts are the eyes and ears of financial institutions, navigating the complex ecosystem of credit, financial markets and beyond. With an wide list of certifications such as Agile, Prince2, BCS, and ISTQB, we bring cutting-edge expertise to the rapidly changing financial sector.

Application development

Developing applications that precisely meet customer expectations is our credo. Our center is dedicated to elevating the expertise of our developers, ensuring the delivery of robust, safe and scalable solutions. Agile, Waterfall, or any other methodology, we master the ways and means of coding for successful projects.

Digital experience

Our team constantly monitors the latest digital trends in the marketplace, in order to provide the most innovative solutions. Our experts undergo regular training to help customers optimize their digital visibility, develop their audience and ensure consistent communication across all channels.


We raise the standard of ICT testing through a rigorous in-house training program, certified by ISTQB, IREB and Scrum. At Contraste, testing is proving our commitment to the quality and performance of every solution.

Project management

Our PMP-, Prince2- and Scrum Master-certified project managers adopt a pragmatic approach enriched by years of experience. Transparency, continuous dialogue and validation are the pillars of our method, ensuring the success of projects in perfect alignment with business expectations.

Artificial intelligence

Today, we see AI as an essential building block in our strategic thinking. That's why we've created a dedicated Common Interest Group (CiG) where every employee, whatever their job, has the opportunity to learn more about AI and develop their skills in this field. Ultimately, our aim is to integrate this thinking proactively into our customers' projects.

our philosophy

Working for your professional and personal development

At Contraste Europe, starting your career means joining a team where personal and professional development is at the heart of our philosophy. We pay particular attention to training in Project Management, Business Analysis, Testing and Development, offering everyone the opportunity to evolve and specialize.

Our approach is based on a magic triangle of knowledge, skills and attitude development, which guarantees the success of our consultants and customers alike. Through our MAP process and Contraste's maturity model, we support your professional development.

We invest in a wide range of training courses to enhance your knowledge and skills, encouraging professional certification. Our mentoring program provides ongoing support, while our Competence Centers reinforce our collective expertise in key areas.

Let's explore together how we can shape your professional future.

10 reasons why you should join us

Every member of our team is a key factor in our success: whether you're just starting out or in a position of responsibility, we cultivate an environment of respect and care, where personal development goes hand in hand with professional success.

Our commitment to our employees is a journey towards excellence: we make continuous efforts to hone your talents, forging a tailor-made career path that reflects your aspirations. Imagine a company where evolution is a pillar, like a sturdy tree with each branch extending towards new skills.

Agility and accessibility: Our decisions are taken as close to the ground as possible. Like a sailor adjusting his sail to the wind, we stay in close touch with our customers and our teams to ensure the success of each mission.

Independence and long-term vision: We are guided by an internal compass, that of customer satisfaction, rather than by the ephemeral quest for financial gain. It's a commitment to quality and longevity, where every project is a step on the way to ever greater heights.

Fun at work: We know that fun at work is the fuel of performance. Our calendar is punctuated by these unique moments, breaths in the technology marathon, when we celebrate our victories together, big and small.

International presence: The diversity of our platforms, our customers, our business sectors, is like a mosaic where each unique and essential piece contributes to a vibrant and dynamic overall picture.

Our own methodology: Like an orchestra conductor watching over every note, from prelude to finale, we accompany our projects from start to finish, with a comprehensive, holistic approach.

A challenging work environment: Participating in projects at Contraste Europe is like building bridges to the future: projects that make sense, benefit our customers, and lead to concrete and significant innovations.

A strong team: Working with us is like being part of a crew of experienced sailors. Every day is an opportunity to learn from the best, in an exchange of knowledge that enriches all crew members.

Together on the path to success: Customer satisfaction is our daily horizon, where every advance is celebrated and every success shared. Our shared success is the beacon that guides our path to excellence.