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Our working methods


Our use of TOGAF® 10th Edition underpins our structured approach to developing and managing enterprise architectures. This enables us to guarantee consistency, efficiency and innovation in our IT projects.


Archimate® is at the heart of our methodology for modelling and analysing complex architectures. This tool strengthens our ability to design resilient IT solutions that are aligned with our customers' strategic objectives.


We implement, train, support and host enterprise architecture repository solutions. This is a set of service components, methodologies, guidance and tools offering customers the ability to focus on their core business and offload a range of tasks to this Exhibeo Support Service. We offer the necessary support to architecture teams in their analysis, design and execution work.

TOGAF and ARCHIMATE are standards belonging to the Open Group.

Contraste Europe's acquisition of Bizliner brings IT architects an enriched range of enterprise architecture services, including innovative solutions such as Architecture-as-a-Service.

This integration reinforces Contraste's ability to deliver concrete results from day one, optimising customer resources by automating repetitive tasks. The result is an environment where agility and sustainability go hand in hand, promising a tool-based and efficient enterprise architecture for IT professionals looking for strategic challenges and technical creativity.

Working for Contraste Europe as an Infrastructure Architect is very rewarding and motivating. I work on projects with great technological challenges, which are strategic for companies. My mission is to translate customers' needs and challenges into innovative, scalable solutions. The organisation gives me the autonomy I need. The team is really dynamic and close-knit. Mutual support and collaboration are at the heart of our values. Together, we rise to the most complex challenges.


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