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Contraste Europe offers unique versatility for developers and testers. Whether you join our Factory or our Consulting division, you'll be able to thrive on interesting projects. Your career with us will be synonymous with opportunity, innovation, teamwork and professional growth.

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I appreciate working at Contraste for several reasons. Firstly, the opportunity to explore various tools and programs enriches my skill set and keeps me engaged in learning. Additionally, the diverse range of colleagues allows for collaboration with individuals possessing different areas of expertise, fostering a vibrant and enriching work environment. I particularly value the openness of our team to work with individuals who speak different languages, which enhances communication and teamwork. Moreover, the supportive culture at Contraste encourages personal and professional growth, making it an ideal workplace for continuous development and fulfillment



The stack

Immerse yourself in our technology stack, where you'll deploy back-end solutions with the robustness of .NET, the versatility of Java and the agility of PHP/Drupal. And when it comes to the front-end, Angular and React are waiting for you to design responsive, aesthetically pleasing interfaces. With us, your thirst for technology will be satisfied and your passion for code will be constantly fuelled.

Our projects

Walloon clusters: Creation of a Drupal portal to support business competitiveness

The ambition to redefine the visibility and competitiveness of Walloon businesses has led to the creation of an innovative Drupal portal. Comprising a main premises and 7 sub-sites, the portal embodies a commitment to innovation and autonomy. Each cluster benefits from a single platform, ensuring simplified management while offering the freedom to customise content. This project reflects a harmony between advanced technology and user-centred design, propelling Wallonia's clusters into a dynamic and evolving future.

Deployment of Drupal 8: Use of common distributions to ensure consistency and homogeneity between cluster premises, with dedicated instances.

Cluster autonomy: premises can be customised using a variety of modules to meet the specific needs of each cluster.

User-centred design: Involvement of end and internal users from the design phase to guide information architecture, wireframes and design.

Content coaching: personalised support for each cluster, revisiting the information architecture and adapting content to the new approach.

Integration with Digital Wallonia: Implementation of a workflow to integrate member company data directly into the corresponding premises.

IFPM Ouvriers - Development of a customised web application

Creation of an innovative web application designed to revolutionise the management of continuing training in the metallurgical industry. This solution, focused on speed, user-friendliness and GDPR compliance, centralises the management of training subsidies and integrates various functions for efficient, modern management.

The choice of a Java framework underlines the commitment to advanced technology tailored to user needs, offering an enhanced user experience and optimised data management.

Redesign on a Java framework for optimisation and integration.

Management of training subsidies with dedicated access and automation of the approval process.

Automatic creation of .pdf documents and budget tracking for training courses.

Multilingual online questionnaires for various target audiences.

Interface for apprenticeship contract applications and follow-up.

Helpdesk management system for IT hardware/software.

Our hiring process

  • HR Interview
    Tell us about your career and discover our culture

  • Technical interview with the Manager
    Technical and project discussions with our experts

  • Contract offer
    Our contract offers are designed to enhance your expertise and support your professional growth.

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