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Start your career at Contraste Europe: a unique adventure for juniors and interns with a passion for technology. Join us to turn your ambitions into reality and build the future of digital today.

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Develop your career

Your development path is our priority. Our competence centers, workshops and conferences are springboards for strengthening and broadening your expertise. We support you in your continuing education and the acquisition of certifications. Your desire to progress and take on more responsibility will find an echo with us, where mentoring and innovation go hand in hand with your professional development.

Saartje, Business Analyst, tells us about starting her career at Contraste

Why join Contraste as a junior or intern?

Joining Contraste means diving into innovative projects where your creativity and technical skills will be valued. We offer a strong mentoring environment, with ongoing training opportunities to accelerate your professional growth.

How does Contraste support career development for young talent?

At Contraste, we believe in continuous evolution. With varied projects and cutting-edge technologies, we ensure a rapid rise in skills. Our culture of feedback and learning allows you to progress and focus on your career aspirations.

What unique experience does Contraste offer interns and young developers?

The experience at Contraste goes beyond a simple internship or first job: it's an immersion in the world of tech, with the chance to work on solutions that impact the daily lives of businesses and users. You'll be part of a team, making a real contribution to the success of ambitious projects.



What I like about working at Contraste Europe as a work-study trainee is above all the many learning opportunities the company offers. By taking part in practical projects and working with experienced colleagues, I'm able to acquire new skills and knowledge in my field of study.



As a trainee student, I appreciate the ongoing support of my colleagues and the close supervision of my managers, which helps me to progress professionally. The wide range of training courses available allows me to deepen my skills and explore new areas. What's more, being involved in projects from the outset gives me the opportunity to put my knowledge into practice and make an active contribution to the team's success.


Business Analyst Intern

My experience as a Business Analyst trainee at Contraste Europe has been a real opportunity for learning and professional growth. Since arriving here, I have been able to put my analytical skills into practice while developing new knowledge. This internship has also given me the opportunity to work with experienced professionals, who have guided and supported me throughout my internship.

Our hiring process

  • HR Interview
    Tell us about your career and discover our culture

  • Technical interview with the Manager
    Technical and project discussions with our experts

  • Contract offer
    Our contract offers are designed to enhance your expertise and support your professional growth.

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